Jaroslav Tupý Endowment Fund (in Czech Nadační fond Jaroslava Tupého, in short NFJT) is a project made in memory of an exceptional scientist – Dr. Tupý, to honour his exceptionally productive life-long scientific work, his love for nature and plants, and also his modesty, humility and willingness to help others.
We think that these characteristics should be an example and inspiration for young scientific generations. Therefore, we would like to support them on behalf of Dr. Tupý in realization of their ideas, encourage them and allow them to extend their studying and job possibilities.
An initiative for establishing of the endowment Fund came from US business partners of IEB AV ČR from company Varieties International LLC., who valued Mr. Tupý very much both professionally and personally and who will be represented in Managing board by Mr. Frank Maas.

The aims of the Fund are:

  • to support research of plant biology,
  • to support international cooperation,
  • to support cooperation of ÚEB AV ČR with private sector,
  • further extend the interest of public in nature
  • to support solving social and environmental problems of modern world.