NFJT supports innovative scientific and research activities related to plant biology by granting of financial contributions to promissing students and (especially young) scientists working at least partially at Institute of Experimental Botany, Czech Academy of Sciences, v.v.i. (shortly IEB). NFJT allows them to realize their ideas, establish scientific cooperation in the Czech Republic or abroad, and supports them in finding solutions to (not only) environmental problems.

Applicants for endowment contribution can be:

  • students of present or distance study of master or Ph.D. program working on research in the field of plant biology or related science fields in cooperation with IEB, providing that their study period may not exceed the standard length of study in certain studying program according to the Czech Law, Act no. 111/1998 Coll. In case of foreign students, the duration of a study program may not exceed 4 years.
  • scientists with full-time or part-time job at IEB lasting at least half of the year (foreign scientists must be sent from foreign science, research or educational institution to cooperate with IEB)

Applicants must submit a grant application on a prescribed form available here, on NFJT website. Part of the application is the CV and a budget, in which they will indicate all expected expenditures.

Applicants must also attach all documents which may affect a grant of endowment contribution, f.e. confirmation of student status.

Obligatory attachment of the application is a statement of the Head of IEB Department / Head of the Department of the Faculty / Head of the Institute where they study or in which they work. Ph.D. students shall also attach a statement of their supervisor. Foreign students and researchers shall add a statement of the Head of the IEB department where they work. These attachments must be signed by relevant person who makes the statement.

It is not necessary to submit attachments in originals, scan version sufficient enough. In case of technical issues with attachment uploading, please send the attachment properly marked on .

If the application does not contain all necessary details, if it is incomplete or without an attached budget, without a statement of the relevant person according to the previous paragraph or without documents which may affect the grant, the managing board will ask the applicant to supplement it electronically or in writing, with a time limit for the removal of mistakes or submitting documents not less than 7 days. If the applicant fails to correct the mistakes or submit requested documents at a specified time and do not request for an extension or of the time limit for serious reasons, the application is considered as not submitted.

If an applicant will apply for a grant for several projects, they shall always and for each project submit a new grant application, attach all necessary documents including an expected budget. However, the grant can’t be granted to the same Applicant for multiple projects at the same time.

In case of not receiving a grant for some project (e.g. because of a big number of applications in some year), it is possible to apply for a grant for the same project next year. However, the application must meet all the requirements and it will be treated as a completely new application.

The amount of granted money is based on a decision of the managing board after they consider all circumstances of the case/project. Maximal amount of granted money shall be 160,000 CZK per applicant for the whole duration of the grant.

The endowment contribution (grant) may be drawn in a one-off or gradual payment for a maximum period of 3 years.

Application for NFJT grant