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“My dad, Jaroslav Tupý, dedicated his whole life to science. His work had great results and although he did not care about publicity, he deserves to be known and deserves new successors of his work. The endowment fund established on his behalf aims to support scientists like him. Therefore I fully support this fund on my father’s behalf.”  Vojtěch Tupý, son of Jaroslav Tupý


“I had the pleasure and honor to work with Dr. Jaroslav Tupy for over 20 years. We worked together to develop superior, disease resistant, good eating apples.  Dr. Tupy was a great scientist and also a very capable man.  His dedication to science and academics was done with humility and respect in a quiet, humble way.  He never sought fame but rather insisted that the credit should be given to nature.  He said to a reporter who tried to summarize his work “nature makes the fruit” and declined the interview.  

In tribute to his lifetime of research, his staff will continue to work on his projects. Our company Varieties International continues to support his work via the fund organized to help academic students in the future. We hope that this tribute and support will help acknowledge the great work done by Jaroslav Tupy by helping students achieve academic excellence.”

Dave Weil, business manager Varieties International LLC. (USA)