After deadline for submitting an application for NFJT grant, submitted applications will be sent to members of NFJT managing board who will evaluate each application subjectively and select the ones that best meet the following criteria:

  • originality and a new approach/novelty;
  • benefits for the field of study;
  • social usefulness;
  • international significance of the research;
  • an output of a specific research and its presentation;
  • the possibility of popularisation and building of reputation of the IEB.

The amount of granted money shall be based on a decision of the managing board after they consider all circumstances of the project.

The results of the managing board selection will be published here on NFJT’s website. In addition, all applicants will be informed at the e-mail address provided in the form.

According to the instructions sent by e-mail, applicants of chosen projects will sign a grant agreement with the NFJT and then the drawing of the grant may begin.